On line Bridge – 

“ Dear members it is now becoming fairly clear that it could be several months before we can get back together to play bridge as a club. I know that some of you are already playing together on line and it seems to be the right time to suggest that more of us take this up as our best option for continuing to play.

There are several ways of playing but the easiest, and therefore the most appropriate system, is probably the well established ‘Bridge Base on line’.

If you are interested Bob and I will be happy to act as facilitators to make up suitable tables of players. So please let us know that you would like to give it a go and we will advise you further.

Playing on line can never be as enjoyable as playing face to face, but it is a reasonable way during the present crisis.

Meanwhile we hope that you are all keeping well and happy. Let us hope that we are wrong about how long it will be before we get back together.

Best wishes

Gay and Bob. “